Why work with us?


 Groundswell Pacific is like a long period swell that travels across the ocean building momentum until finally bringing the gift of quality waves to your shore. Our sale tactic follows the same swell. We work with brands who have started small and built momentum over along period, and now produce the highest quality products across our industry.

We are honored to represent and work hard for these companies who continue to innovate while keeping the dream alive.

HYDROS is the new surfing Hydrofoil made by MFC in collaboration with The Hydrofoil Company in a cooperative effort to deliver what we think is the best surf hydrofoil on the market. A full carbon molded hydrofoil, the HYDROS uses the most innovative materials and technology to achieve an incredible performance at under 3kg of weight. The innovative wing designs, its mast and fuselage fittings and stability and the option to adjust the back wing according to conditions. are what make the HYDROS unique and different.
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