KT Surfboards

KT Surfboards are the peak of performance! Listen to Kieth as he explains why Maui is the perfect location for R&D!


Based out of Pauwela Cannery in Haiku Hawaii, KT surfboards started from the passionate mind of Keith Teboul. With over twenty years of shaping experience and a reinvigorated passion to surf it was inevitable for Keith to develop a surfboard brand. KT's backyard includes waves such as Jaws and Honolulu Bay. With diversity in surfboard needs and a team of well rounded athletes, the cannery is buzzing with new ideas. KT strives to fill the need from Francisco Porcella charging 30ft Jaws to your everyday surfer looking to catch a few at Hookipa. Athletes: Kai Barger // Kain Daly // Francisco Porcella // Matt Meola